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Welcome to the CLR Profiler CodePlex site

This site is designed for two very different audiences: Those who want to use a profiler of managed code, and those who want to write a profiler of managed code.

I want to use Microsoft's CLRProfiler

CLRProfiler is a free tool from Microsoft to help you diagnose memory issues with your managed app. To download, go to the latest Release Page.

I want to write a profiler

See Writing My Own Profiler

I have something to say or contribute

Please note that this CodePlex project is not accepting community submissions for the downloads. However, you are welcome to use the downloads in a manner consistent with the License attached to this project (see the License tab for details).

If you have questions or feedback related to the downloads from this CodePlex site:
  • Bugs and Feature Requests on CLRProfiler or ILRewrite only: Please use Issue Tracker tab
  • Questions or other Comments on CLRProfiler or ILRewrite only: Please use Discussions tab
If you have more general questions or feedback related to profilers: Again, please ensure that any issues or discussions you post to this CodePlex project are specific to the CLRProfiler and ILRewrite downloads. All other questions about profilers should go to the forums listed above.

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