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Diagnosing stuck "waiting for connection" window

Apr 3, 2013 at 5:18 PM
A user asks: "I used clrProfiler to profile windows store app,but it can not load the profilerOBJ.dll.
the "waiting for connection" window is always you have any suggestion?"

Best thing to do is to check your Application event log to see how far things got. Did CLR try to load ProfilerObj.dll but failed? If so, what was the HRESULT? The event log will tell you whatever the CLR knows about this attempt.

Two common causes for ProfilerObj.dll to fail to load:

1) Wrong architecture. The profilee is x86 but you ran an x64 CLRProfiler. Or vice versa.
2) ProfilerObj.dll is not in a location in which the Windows Store app has permission to load it. Please verify that ProfilerObj.dll lives under Program Files / Program Files (x86), which normally gives access to Windows Store apps to load DLLs.

You can also see this link for more tips